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Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

It all stems from our childhood.  We're a third generation family in the food service business with a definition of life that begins and ends with the Golden Rule.  Grandpa George Washington Vinyard and his wife, Mary Waters (married 1902-1952), ran a corner grocery store in Oklahoma City where customers were friends and neighbors who got fresh meat, penny candy, and heart-felt humor with every visit.

They were simple, hard-working people who loved their children and taught us some basic principles:


    -Do the best you can.

    -Be nice to everybody.

    -Be honest.

    -Sell a good product for a fair price.

    -Love life. Laugh frequently.

    -Put people first, especially family.

Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co. buys the quality of food we would want our families to eat, stores and packages it with care, and delivers it to our customers each day.  Our customers are our friends and some are our neighbors.  George Washington Vinyard wouldn't have had it any other way, and neither will we.